...Of the Golden Witch

Disclaimer: Umineko (c) 07 Expansion.
Just a small BeaBato drabble.

I just wanted to feel your breath on my face once more.

I should hate you. You toyed with me, with my family, with the servants, just to ease your boredom. Truly, I thought I hated you.

Until you gave up; you let me win, you died, and the victor was I. But I can't call this a fair draw. It's not fair. It's something only you desired. Not I.

I remember the time you asked me to kill you. How I held your head in my arms then. How I promised to kill you ignoring the pain in my heart, just because you wanted me to.

That was when I realized you were much more than what you would let me -or anyone else- see. Soft skin and pearly tears. I didn't need the Red Truth to know that those tears were real. It was unlike you, yet fitted you amazingly well.

And I regretted my pledge to you even as I promised it.

I need you to fight, my Golden Witch. I need you alive by my side; as a queen, not as a defeated opponent. And I'll do everything in my power to bring you back. This I swear.

I may be the King, but you are the Queen of the Game Board. And so, there is no game without you.

My beloved enemy. My hateful love. My Beatrice.

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  1. Διαβάζοντας το πέμπτο παιχνίδι πράγματι, χρειαζόμαστε ζωντανή την Beatrice και με την υπέροχη κόμμωσή της. Όταν είδα τα μαλλιά της κάτω και ολόισια, είχα σοκαριστεί. :|

    Τα λέμε!