Malkavian Delirium (short story)

The world is a pit of rabid dogs. Dogs that want to rip you alive before you are even born, before you are even dead. The best thing to do is bite them before they bite you.

The world is a fountain of despair. You fall in love, you think it's the best thing ever, and then comes the doubt, the pain, the treason. And then starts your fall in the black pits of depression and madness.

You start to think everyone's your enemy. Of course, you can't prove it, so the others say you're talking nonsense, but deep down you know, you just know, that no one ever wants to be your friend. That all they want is to see you dead. You talk to yourself all the time. You hear footsteps when you're alone at night, but no one's there when you check. You start to lose your sleep because you believe some murderer is waiting for you to fall asleep so that he can chop off your head.

So you have to find a solution to stop that. It's night, you're alone at a goth club. You cross this weird guy. He's tall and pale. He's not very handsome but he has a charm that makes you want to make him happy. He only comes out at night, he has fangs and claws instead of normal nails, but you still aren't afraid of him. And on top of that, he's just like you. A bit crazy. A bit on the wrong side of things. Well, wrong as everyone else sees it. But you? You can understand the way he talks, the things he says. You trust him.

Until one night, he bites you. At first, you don't really get what's happening because you think he's making a move on you, but then the endorphines make your blood race. You pass out. When you wake up, you're just like him, and he's waiting at your bedside.

You become a vampire. You disappear from the face of the earth. You start hunting for blood at night. Your sickness? It's become worse, but you don't care. As it is, it makes you stronger than before. You are being trained. Then, when he deems you ready, he introduces you to your clan's patriarch, and to the city's Prince. You realize this is something bigger than you. That vampires like you, only older, are the true rulers of this world, and not the ones that appear to be.

Only that you don't trust them, with their schemes and plots. You find out that you must either become a part of the system or die your final death. But you like your new existence because it gives you power and confidence, so you stay. You stay and become the rabid dog you feared yourself.